Administrative Structure of the MSc Program

 Αccording to the 4485/2017 law, responsible for the administration of the MSc Program are:

  1. The Department’s Assembly.
  2. The MSc Committee, which consists of five (5) faculty members of the Department. 

MSc Committee:

  1. Dr. , Eugenia Vlachou, Professor: Director
  2. Dr. Ourania Govina, Professor: Vice Director
  3. Dr. Chrysoula Tsiou, Professor: Member
  4. Dr. Sotirios Plakas, Assosiate Professor: Member
  5. Dr. Eleni Dokoutsidou, Assosiate Professor: Member

Professors in charge of each Specialty:

  1. Dr. Ourania Govina: Oncology  Care
  2. Dr. Eugenia Vlachou: Diabetes Care 
  3. Dr. Eleni Dokoutsidou: Gastroenterology – Endoscopy Nursing