Purpose of the Program

Main subject of the program is the advance of knowledge and academic research in the field of Chronic Disease Management, emphasising on documented clinical practice.

Main purpose of the program is to provide a high level of academic specialty in the in the fields of chronic patients’ curation, specificly in Oncology and Palliative Care, Diabetes and Neuroscience, and in general specialized knowledge in order to assist in contemporary problems and needs in the field of health. 

Purposes of the Program:

a) to staff the labor market with specialized nurses or specialized health professionals.

b) to improve the health services provided.

c) to prepare the graduate students for the third study cycle (doctoral theisis).

In specific, the graduate students  will be able (depending on the specialty):

To staff Oncology Units, Palliative Care Centers and primary health care structures.
To staff Diabetes clinics, health centers, primary health care structures.
To staff Neurological and Neurosurgical Units and Centers for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Neurological and Neurosurgical Patients.
To produce and apply new knowledge and evidence-based practice.
To obtain skills and background in order to continue the academic preparations for a doctoral thesis.